We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and a growing distribution network to service the needs of the market.

Tyrephil Sales Corporation is the exclusive distributor for Triangle Tires in the Philippines. Triangle Tires has been present since 2014 and has over 60+ dealerships nationwide. The company provides dependable and fuel efficient tires to major logistics and construction companies in the Philippines.

Triangle Tires PH is able to strengthen its foothold in the Philippine market by providing complementary products such as-wheel rims, oils and lubricants, and batteries.

As part of the AZSC Group, customers of Triangle Tires are able to access quality and cost-effective automotive spare parts which reduces the overall cost of maintenance for our partner companies. The group aims to be the one stop solution partner for customer’s truck and passenger car fleets.

Part of an Innovative and
Growing Global Company

Triangle Tires is a global company that manufactures over 25 million tires in 5,200 different SKUs. Presently, Triangle is being sold in 180+ different countries all over the world. The parent company Triangle Tyre Co. is a listed company in the New York Stock Exchange. Triangle invests heavily on research and development, which allows it to produce high quality tires at optimal costs. Triangle’s full range of products include-passenger car, SUV, light truck, bus and truck, and OTR radial tires.

Triangle Tires also manufactures and distributes its tires in the US. It is a respected brand for tire replacements across all categories (Passenger Car, Light Truck, Truck Bus, Off The Road)

All Triangle tires are innovative, high-quality products due to the company’s unrelenting commitment to research and development, as well as utilization of highly advanced, cutting edge, manufacturing technologies. The Triangle Tyre company boasts more than 360 patents, with research centers in Weihai (China), Akron, OH, and Germany. The Triangle Tire Technical Center in Akron was established in 2011 and works closely with Triangle Tire USA to develop relevant tread patterns, tire construction and custom polymer compounds designed specifically for American applications.

Standard Compliance Certifications

Our company’s management system conforms with the standards of quality management set by industry leaders in radical and diagonal tire manufacturing.