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Light truck tires are built for heavy vehicles carrying heavier loads through harsh roads. These tires have enough toughness and grip right at their sidewalls to help withstand any road or weather condition. Vehicles that weigh about ¾ ton and larger trucks, buses, or vans that carry and pull heavy loads and trailers will need light truck tires.

These light truck tires are designed to carry heavy loads, including the vehicle’s weight. With these tires, you can easily control your vehicle on any road, even under heavy loads and while towing, pulling, or moving heavy trailers. These are considered commercial light truck tires that serve the same purpose, equipped with highly durable and tougher materials than those in passenger car tires since these are made up of more aggressive treads.

All light truck tires here at Triangle Tires are designed for driving under particularly challenging conditions. Hence, we have a wide range of all-terrain truck tires to choose from.

Light Truck All-terrain tires are durable and versatile. They can transition and drive through rough highways down to wet roads.

You don’t encounter mud that often – If you don’t encounter muddy roads regularly, then you don’t need specific mud-terrain tires. All-terrain tires can pretty much handle some types of less sticky mud, so you’re good to go.

You drive hundreds and thousands of miles – One of the most prominent advantages of all-terrain tires is that they last longer than mud-terrain tires. So if you drive a light truck more often, then it’s best to go for the all-terrain to keep you from replacing tires frequently.

You drive a modern vehicle– Another advantage of all-terrain tires is that they are much quieter, especially when paired with later models of vehicles. The tight tread blocks and smaller lugs produce way less noise on the road as compared to other types of light truck tires.

You like saving up on fuel – Most drivers don’t pay attention to the weight of their tires, but it actually does matter. Each time you accelerate, your vehicle’s engine has to move up all of that rotating mass, and the heavier your tire is, the more fuel you consume. So if you want fuel-saving tires when driving a small truck, then all-terrain tires are definitely the best choice.


Sharing my review for 185 R14C TR645 (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 4.0
Braking (Dry) – 4.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.0
NVH – 3.0
Ride Comfort – 3.5
Value for Money – 5.0


I was so delighted with the 175/50 R15 TR978!👍👍
My review so far (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 5.0
Braking (Dry) – 5.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.5
NVH – 4.0
Ride Comfort – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall great performance tires comparable with top branded ones in the market!


I bought a set of 4, 205/55r16-tr928-91h and this is my review so far:
Dry Grip – 5.0
Wet Grip – 4.0
Handling – 5.0
Comfort – 5.0
Noise – 4.5
Treadwear – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall, excellent tires! It was so smooth and the thread goes great in all weather. They hook up something fierce! Would definitely recommend this!

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