Heavy Equipment Tires

Construction vehicles should be equipped with tires that can support their weight for optimal performance and ride operational comfortability. Find tires for your heavy equipment here.






Heavy construction vehicles are driven on various surfaces under dry and muddy conditions. Their tires are tailored to adapt to those conditions to perform tasks with ease. Our heavy equipment tire catalog has various choices of Forklift Tires, Backhoe Tires, Skid Loader Tires, and Other Heavy Duty Truck Tires

Heavy equipment takes a lot of effort to drive around, but operators shouldn’t have a tough time using them. With these tires designed for enhanced performance on multiple surfaces, working with heavy machinery should be an easier time. They’re also made to resist damage and have all-purpose tread designs and deeper treads for longer life.

Tubeless tires are a wheel setup without inner tubes. Without tubes, the air inside these tires is retained between the rim and the tire using an airtight seal. We offer tubeless tires for heavy equipment because of the advantages it has. Here are those said advantages:

Puncture resistance – Tubeless tires provide more resistance against possible puncture. Our heavy equipment tires are constructed with a tough casing that improves impact and cut resistance.

Better traction for rugged terrain – Tubeless tires offer better traction suitable for rougher surfaces. Our tires with open pattern treads offer enhanced traction in off-road conditions. In addition, these tires can wrap around objects on rugged terrain, which also enhances traction.

Air escapes slowly – Tubeless tires have minimal possibility of sustaining a puncture or cut, but it can happen in isolated cases. If it does, the heavy equipment operator will have enough time to seal it because it doesn’t let the air out quickly.


Sharing my review for 185 R14C TR645 (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 4.0
Braking (Dry) – 4.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.0
NVH – 3.0
Ride Comfort – 3.5
Value for Money – 5.0


I was so delighted with the 175/50 R15 TR978!👍👍
My review so far (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 5.0
Braking (Dry) – 5.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.5
NVH – 4.0
Ride Comfort – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall great performance tires comparable with top branded ones in the market!


I bought a set of 4, 205/55r16-tr928-91h and this is my review so far:
Dry Grip – 5.0
Wet Grip – 4.0
Handling – 5.0
Comfort – 5.0
Noise – 4.5
Treadwear – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall, excellent tires! It was so smooth and the thread goes great in all weather. They hook up something fierce! Would definitely recommend this!

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