Passenger Car Tire


A radial tire (more properly, a radial-ply tire) is a particular design of vehicular tire. In this design, the cord plies are arranged at 90 degrees to the direction of travel, or radially (from the center of the tire).

Light Truck Tires


Light truck or LT-metric tires have more rigid sidewalls and deeper treads than their P-metric counterparts. Their “heavier” construction also makes them superior for hauling heavy loads and navigating rough terrain.

Truck Bus Tires


Steetlastic TBR systems provide the flexibility to produce tire reinforcement components that meet your cord and gauge requirements. Our extrusion-based, calenderless systems produce steel belt, body ply and cap strip with very thin, consistent gauges.

Heavy Equipment Tires (HET)

With these tires designed for enhanced performance on multiple surfaces, working with heavy machinery should be an easier time. They’re also made to resist damage and have all-purpose tread designs and deeper treads for longer life.


Triangle produces over 700 kinds of radial tires in more than 160 sizes, and manufactures nearly 400 types of bias tires in more than 100 sizes. Annual production exceeds 10 million units, including over 7 million in radials which have become the backbone of our organization in the form of radial passenger car tires, radial light truck and truck tires, and radial OTR tires (for industrial, construction and mining equipment).

Triangle Tires is a global company that manufactures over 25 million tires in 5,200 different SKUs. Presently, Triangle is being sold in 180+ different countries all over the world. The parent company Triangle Tyre Co. is a listed company in the New York Stock Exchange. Triangle invests heavily on research and development, which allows it to produce high quality tires at optimal costs. Triangle’s full range of products include-passenger car, SUV, light truck, bus and truck, and OTR radial tires.


Sharing my review for 185 R14C TR645 (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 4.0
Braking (Dry) – 4.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.0
NVH – 3.0
Ride Comfort – 3.5
Value for Money – 5.0


I was so delighted with the 175/50 R15 TR978!👍👍
My review so far (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 5.0
Braking (Dry) – 5.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.5
NVH – 4.0
Ride Comfort – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall great performance tires comparable with top branded ones in the market!


I bought a set of 4, 205/55r16-tr928-91h and this is my review so far:
Dry Grip – 5.0
Wet Grip – 4.0
Handling – 5.0
Comfort – 5.0
Noise – 4.5
Treadwear – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall, excellent tires! It was so smooth and the thread goes great in all weather. They hook up something fierce! Would definitely recommend this!

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