We make sure to protect our consumers from faulty products and uphold the standard of our quality products. Keeping those things in mind, we created a warranty policy.

Validity Period

3 years from date of purchase

Warranty Coverage

  • Tires that become unusable for reasons within the manufacturer’s control (subject to distributor’s assessment) will be eligible for warranty claims.
  • Tires can either be replaced or or refunded with a prorated amount depending on the tread depth consumed.

Next Steps

  • Return tires to the store where you purchased them
  • Tires will be evaluated for warranty claims by Tyrephil Sales Corporation
  • Warranty decisions will be communicated with a lead time of 5-7 business days


  • Tires are eligible for warranty 3 years from the date of purchase
  • Tires were used according to the specified conditions of the model (speed rating, load index, road condition, and rim size)

Warranty Exclusions

Tires are not eligible for warranty claims if they have been damaged under the following conditions:

  • Road Hazards (including but not limited to)-puncture and cut
  • Improper Use-improper inflation pressure, improper wheel rim size, improper load (overloading), and improper mounting/demounting of tires.
  • Additives-materials that were not originally added by the manufacturer resulting into tire defects
  • Repairs-vulcanized tires are not eligible for warranty
  • Useful life-worn-out tires based on tread-depth consumed

We conduct a fair assessment of tires customers and stakeholders return for claiming warranty based on the eligibility and coverage guidelines. Our team assures all of them that replacements and refunds are performed and managed accordingly.