Passenger Car Tires

Whether downtown in congested city streets, right in the countryside, or on the highway, these passenger car tires offer exceptional quality that guarantees high performance, safety, long-lasting tread wear, and fuel efficiency.







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Passenger car tires are mainly designed for personal use and are meant to give drivers and passengers a quieter, smoother, more comfortable, and enjoyable ride. Passenger vehicle tires category include but are not limited to an SUV, a family sedan, and a minivan. It’s the perfect accessory for vehicles under ¾ ton.

Passenger car tires are built with sturdier materials and sidewalls as it is supposed to handle the vehicle’s weight. These tires are not meant for carrying or towing heavy loads. The rubber and other components used to build passenger car tires are a lot more flexible than those used in light truck tires, resulting in a much smoother, quieter, and more comfortable riding experience.

As many car owners are well aware, tires play an important role in a vehicle’s performance, so there is no room for bad and compromised tires. These are some of the things car owners should keep in mind when buying passenger car tires in the Philippines:

QualityThe quality has to be the best there is. Commercial vehicles used on a daily basis are subject to severe wear and tear. Thus, any compromise on the quality of your tires can result in faster tire deterioration and poor performance of the vehicle.

Type – There are different type of Passenger Tires available. You usually consider different factors such as having an all-season passenger tire or a radial tire, the type of tire you buy should exactly be as required. Avoid substitutes should a certain tire brand or model be unavailable because several brands differ in tire sizes. Stick to the type of tire suggested for your vehicle.

Price – Passenger car tires used for commercial and personal purposes are generally priced higher than normal ones. This is because it promises exceptional quality. Be wary of any big discounts or surprising deals as these tires may have compromised quality.

After-sales service – After-sales service produce loyal and repeat customers. Ensure your tire dealer offers after-sale service should your tire has corrupted quality.


Sharing my review for 185 R14C TR645 (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 4.0
Braking (Dry) – 4.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.0
NVH – 3.0
Ride Comfort – 3.5
Value for Money – 5.0


I was so delighted with the 175/50 R15 TR978!👍👍
My review so far (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 5.0
Braking (Dry) – 5.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.5
NVH – 4.0
Ride Comfort – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall great performance tires comparable with top branded ones in the market!


I bought a set of 4, 205/55r16-tr928-91h and this is my review so far:
Dry Grip – 5.0
Wet Grip – 4.0
Handling – 5.0
Comfort – 5.0
Noise – 4.5
Treadwear – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall, excellent tires! It was so smooth and the thread goes great in all weather. They hook up something fierce! Would definitely recommend this!

Caloocan City