Truck Bus Tires

You can rely on these tires to give you stability, long tread life, and optimal performance to drive your trucks through most terrains and surfaces.






Trucks are large vehicles that need tires that can handle themselves, load, and the surface it’s driving on. Our catalog has a full range of tires that can support trucks, busses, and pickup trucks. We have off-highway, on-highway, and tires that can drive trailers on both surfaces.

Trucks bus tires are for handling long hours of travel on any surface and conditions. Trucks mostly deliver heavy materials to far distances, so our truck wheels and tires should be able to weather the difficulties of muddy waters and other off-road surfaces. It should help a truck go through a paved road, and a dirt road to keep the driver safe and fleets running well.

Two things to consider when buying truck tires are load ratings and positioning. These two aspects are integral for their longevity and usage. Both are also connected because neglecting one would compromise key driving functions.

Load ratings impact a vehicle’s carrying capacity, and for trucks, that aspect is crucial. It varies by size, construction, application, and inflation pressure.

Aside from its actual ratings, truck tires with reinforced constructions are specified with load provisions. A tire’s load rating and provision are indicated on its sidewall markings. Thus, you can always refer to it when you need to know this information.

Where you put the tires on your truck also impacts the quality of your drive. Steer tires should be placed in front for optimal handling; drive tires should be at the meeting of the truck and the trailer for better grip on the road, and trailer tires should be placed at the rear of the trailer to support the weight it’s carrying.


Sharing my review for 185 R14C TR645 (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 4.0
Braking (Dry) – 4.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.0
NVH – 3.0
Ride Comfort – 3.5
Value for Money – 5.0


I was so delighted with the 175/50 R15 TR978!👍👍
My review so far (5.0 is the highest rating):
Handling/Grip – 5.0
Braking (Dry) – 5.0
Braking (Wet) – 4.5
NVH – 4.0
Ride Comfort – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall great performance tires comparable with top branded ones in the market!


I bought a set of 4, 205/55r16-tr928-91h and this is my review so far:
Dry Grip – 5.0
Wet Grip – 4.0
Handling – 5.0
Comfort – 5.0
Noise – 4.5
Treadwear – 4.0
Value for Money – 5.0
Overall, excellent tires! It was so smooth and the thread goes great in all weather. They hook up something fierce! Would definitely recommend this!

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