How To Choose Tires: A Tire Buying Guide

Buying tires is part of being an automobile owner and is essential for vehicle maintenance and function. Normally, you buy tires to replace older ones so you can continue using your vehicle. You’ll only think of it when it’s time to replace your old tires; that’s why it can get confusing when you’re looking for the right ones.

Aside from the many options to choose from, there are also factors to consider when choosing a tire set. Making the wrong choice will cost you money and time and also negatively affect your driving experience. That ultimately results in compromised safety while on the road.

Choosing car tires is about learning the important factors that will help point you to the right ones. In this tire buying guide, you’ll learn about what you need to know to make the best choice.

Tire size

Cars are made in different sizes, and so do tires. So one of the right tire buying tips is to look for the same size as your previous tires. It’s also practical and narrows your search down.

You can find the correct tire size for your car on its manual. There you’ll find how to read the details on a tire’s sidewall, which indicates the size. For reference, here’s an image of a tire sidewall containing tire specifications:

Tire types

There are also different types of tires optimized for your driving. When choosing a tire type, you should consider where you mostly drive and the weather conditions where you live. Dry and wet roads can affect your driving as well as the surfaces you drive on.

Here are the different types of tires you can choose from:

  • All-season

All-season tires are common choices for passenger vehicles. They’re on most new cars nowadays because of their rubber that stays flexible for both warm and cold weather. They’re designed that way to provide a sufficient all-around capability for an entire year.

Since they provide excellent traction for wet and dry conditions, they’re great choices for driving here in the Philippines, where it’s either hot or raining most of the time.

  • All-terrain

All-terrain tires are designed to provide the capabilities of a road tire and an off-road tire in one. So you can use them for both daily drives and the occasional off-road travels. They’re made with a larger thread that provides traction in any given road condition.

  • Performance

Performance tires are widely used for high-performance driving. You’ll usually see them on race cars or sports cars. That means they’re on the expensive side of tire types and aren’t recommended for daily use due to their soft rubber composition, which causes them to wear faster.

Tire brands

There are many brands on the market that you can choose from. Each of them makes different tire types with different price ranges. For practicality, you can always go for the same brand as your previous tires.

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