The Different Benefits Of Tire Rotation

Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Aside from helping you get from point A to point B, it also keeps you safe during the drive. However, your tires wear out as you continue to drive regularly, which reduces their usability. The best way to take care of that is through tire rotation.

Tire rotation is the practice of moving the tires of a vehicle from one position to another. It’s a tire maintenance practice necessary to get the most value possible from your tires. It’s an important procedure to increase tread life, improve vehicle performance and fuel economy, and comply with manufacturer guidelines on warranty.

If done regularly and properly, you will enjoy its benefits. Read about the good it can do for your tires here.

Improved tire tread life

Tires tend to wear out unevenly because of several factors like driving habits, terrain, and temperature. As a result, it reduces the traction your tires need to stay in contact with the surface you’re driving on. In addition, it also shortens the life of your tires.

You can prevent these unwanted problems by rotating your tires regularly. Performing scheduled tire rotations will help balance tire wear and extend their lives.

Aside from your front and rear tires, you can also opt to include your spare tire in the rotation if it matches the size of the others. Doing this adds more life to your main ones.

Better vehicle performance

Avoiding tire rotation for too long can compromise your vehicle’s stability, riding comfort, and performance. You’ll find driving difficult because of the lack of traction available on your tires.

You’ll need excellent handling from your vehicle, especially when driving on wet roads. You can achieve this by switching the tires that do the most handling during tire rotation. Doing that gives you more tread allowance for more stopping power and better cornering.

Better fuel economy

Rotating your tires can also boost fuel economy. It does so by alleviating vehicle pull and road friction and increasing stability and traction. All these factors help the engine run smoothly and efficiently, decreasing the required gas it takes to propel your car because it won’t need to use more power than usual.

Regularly rotating your tires means you’ll get better fuel mileage, which also means you get to save money from gas expenses. Out-of-balance tires can reduce fuel efficiency by about 31 cents per liter. On average monthly consumption, that amounts to an additional ₱300 per ₱3,000 spent.

Adherence to warranty requirements

Tire rotation is a must in terms of adhering to the warranty requirements of your tires’ manufacturer. Manufacturers and distributors check for uneven tread wear when drivers claim warranty coverage. They can void your warranty if they see that you don’t take care of your tires.

This simply means you can’t take advantage of your tire warranty if you don’t rotate them. Rotating your tires will help when you need a replacement or assistance for maintenance from its manufacturers and distributors.

Wrap up

Tire rotation helps in keeping you safe while driving and avoiding additional expenses for owning a vehicle. Perform it regularly to gain these benefits and take care of your tires.

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