10 “Must-Have” Car Accessories in the Philippines

10 "Must-Have" Car Accessories in the Philippines Blog Banner

The diverse terrain of Philippine roads demands more than just a reliable vehicle. It requires a suite of essential accessories that blend practicality with style. These nifty car devices can improve the driving experience and help you overcome the challenges of moving from road to road. 

Whether you’re cruising through the urban jungle or going on a countryside adventure, it’s best to keep these car accessories in your vehicle.

10 Best Car Accessories to Buy in the Philippines

Enhance your driving experience with these essential car accessories tailored for Philippine roads. From safety to convenience, each accessory can help solve specific driving challenges and provide peace of mind as you travel.

1. Dash-mounted camera

In the bustling Philippine streets, a dash-mounted camera captures crucial footage in case of accidents or disputes. Statistics show an 86% decrease in accident-related costs for vehicles equipped with dash cams.

Their ability to record high-definition video provides irrefutable evidence and promotes safer driving habits. Plus, dash cams can document scenic drives, memorable road trips, or unexpected encounters—making them versatile tools for preserving your memories on the road.

2. Portable air compressor

This Philippine car accessory is necessary for long journeys, especially on unpredictable road conditions. Apart from inflating tires in emergencies, some portable air compressors have additional features like a flashlight, power bank, and radio. These handy tools can better equip you for any unforeseen situations.

A portable air compressor can also make outdoor activities fun. If you’re going on a camping or beach trip, you can use it to inflate air mattresses or beach toys with no hassle.

3. Blind spot mirrors

Tight city streets or navigating crowded highways requires careful vehicle maneuvering. Blind spot mirrors make precarious turns and slight movements more manageable. As their name suggests, these small yet effective accessories minimize blind spots by offering an extended view of your path. This car accessory can make driving safer and reduce the risk of accidents.

Additionally, blind spot mirrors are easy to install and adjustable to suit your driving preferences, providing added convenience and peace of mind.

4. Daytime running lights

This car accessory suits the Philippines’ weather conditions and busy streets. For one, they can make your vehicle more noticeable to other drivers and improve your safety while adding a stylish touch to your car’s exterior. 

On top of that, these accessories contribute to fuel efficiency by reducing the need for headlights during daytime driving, making them both practical and economical.

5. Remote emergency locator 

With the remote emergency locator, help is a quick call away. Whether you’re stranded in a remote area or facing an unforeseen circumstance, this handy device allows you to signal for assistance quickly and ensures a swift response during emergencies. It also typically comes with GPS tracking capabilities so rescuers can pinpoint your exact location in emergencies.

6. Digital pressure device

Keep your tires properly inflated with a digital pressure device. It’s an essential car tool for maintaining optimal fuel efficiency and ensuring a smooth ride. Its compact size and user-friendly interface make it convenient for regular checks, preventing potential tire-related issues on the road. 

This versatile accessory has preset pressure settings for different types of vehicles and is suitable for a wide range of cars, including motorcycles and bicycles.

7. Flat tire sealers

Tire blowouts are a common occurrence on Philippine roads. Fortunately, with flat tire sealers, you can immediately patch up punctures to reach the nearest service station safely for a more permanent solution. What’s more, they come in handy during off-road adventures or remote travels where access to repair shops is limited, ensuring you’re always prepared for unexpected tire emergencies.

8. Rain deflectors 

This Philippine road-essential car accessory can help solve fogged-up windows and rain-soaked interiors. These simple yet practical accessories allow fresh air to circulate inside your vehicle while keeping rainwater out. With this, you can have a comfortable, enjoyable drive even during rainy seasons.

9. Portable toolbox

A portable toolbox is an essential car accessory for every Filipino driver. From changing a flat tire to replacing a fuse, having these tools readily available can save you time and money on roadside assistance. 

Portable toolboxes come in various sizes and configurations. You can customize your toolkit according to your needs and preferences, helping you respond to unexpected mechanical issues on the road.

10. Emergency kit

Last but certainly not least is an emergency kit. This car accessory is an indispensable tool for every driver’s safety. You can stock it with first aid supplies, reflective vests, and emergency blankets. Also, this car accessory for Philippine roads can come with flashlights and batteries for night driving.

Drive Safely and Stylishly

No matter how good of a driver you are, the right tools and car accessories can still elevate your driving experience on the diverse roads of the Philippines. 

From enhancing safety to adding convenience, these car accessories in the Philippines ensure you’re always ready for whatever the journey may bring. They let you drive confidently and with style, too. So, invest in these must-have accessories for safer driving habits and a touch of flair to your trips.

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