Commercial Truck Tires Care And Maintenance

Commercial Truck Tires Care And Maintenance

Tires are key parts of vehicles because they affect vehicle performance and fuel economy, two critical aspects of an automobile. These two aspects are particularly important for commercial vehicles because they rely on both to maximize vehicle use to yield the best results. That’s why proper care and maintenance are needed for commercial tires.

Trucks are commonly used for commercial purposes and operated in fleets. Tire maintenance becomes more important in that setup because the fleet will struggle to fulfill its tasks if it isn’t applied. Failing to maintain commercial truck tires will disrupt workflow and incur expenses that could’ve been avoided in the first place.

Avoid costly disruptions with proper tire care and maintenance. We give you insights on how you can do that in this blog.


Inflate properly

Maintaining proper tire inflation is the most important step in commercial tire maintenance. It’s the key to getting your tires to absorb tread wear evenly and having a good tread footprint. Uneven tread wear will quickly reduce tire life, so you must focus on achieving that.

Ensure that all your truck’s tires are inflated properly by conducting regular inspections. In addition, make sure that every truck’s tire on dual assemblies is inflated properly because mismatched inflation contributes to faster tire wear. Follow an inspection schedule, so no tire is under or overinflated.


Consider the load your trucks carry

Load management goes hand-in-hand with tire inflation. You can do more good for your truck tires by maintaining air pressure based on the load they carry regularly. Make sure that the air pressure inside them matches their load rating so they can carry the weight they’re meant to. Don’t overinflate because that will only harm them.

Overinflation decreases tires’ resistance to punctures and impact breaks. It also causes irregular wear and reduced traction. Ensure that each truck tire is inflated just enough to match its load rating and prolong its life.


Rotate your tires

Staying on top of tire rotations will extend the life of your truck tires. Rotating tires even out tread wear at areas where it’s irregular. For instance, changing the direction of rotation tends to even out erratic wear on the shoulders of trailer tires.

Cross rotating steer tires are recommended to even out wear and increase tire life before removal. On the other hand, directional tires would be the only ones that should not change rotation direction because it will reduce their wet grip, compromising road safety.

Proper commercial truck tire maintenance is about ensuring they are properly inflated, including matching air pressure with their load capacity and rotating them when needed. Practice these procedures to increase tire life and avoid disruptions that could affect business operations.

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