Must-Have Tires For Your Construction Vehicles

Must-Have Tires For Your Construction Vehicles

In construction, it’s a must to have the right tools and equipment to take on jobs. Construction work that requires heavy equipment includes ensuring the right vehicles are utilized and equipped with the right tires. Tires affect the performance of construction vehicles and therefore contribute to yielding the best results for delivering construction work.

Using the right tires for your construction vehicles ensures optimal performance and safety of the workers who operate them and those working at the worksite and avoids costly downtime. Hence, choosing which ones to use is essential for the overall work at construction sites. However, it can be challenging because tire dealers walk customers through many features and options.

To choose construction vehicle tires, you need to look for ones that fit not just your vehicles but also the job your vehicles are meant for. Learn about the must-have tires for your construction vehicles and where to start when looking for them in this blog.


Four factors to consider when choosing construction vehicle tires


While construction vehicles can be versatile, they are finely tuned for specific jobs as any other tool on the worksite. So it would be best if you considered what the machines you’re outfitting do on the worksite when choosing which tires to install. Besides that, you should also consider how your machines move when they’re working on tasks to equip them with the proper tires that will allow them to move comfortably.



Aside from the weight of your construction vehicles, you should also look at the load they carry and the torque from the engine when considering the load their tires will bear. Make sure that you choose tires that can support your vehicles and their load without compromising performance.



The surface your vehicles work on is also important when choosing their tires. Look for tires with the tread pattern and compound that fit the surfaces they drive on. Those tire tread aspects will determine how much traction and resistance to wear, cuts, and heat your vehicles will have, so choose wisely.



The distances your vehicle covers in a cycle are critical for choosing appropriate tires. Be sure to choose ones that can minimize heat buildup, especially for vehicles that go on long cycles regularly.


Must-have construction vehicle tires

Here are heavy equipment tires that will fit your construction vehicles’ requirements:

TL538s+: A radial tire suitable for mining and loader equipment with extra deep treads for longer tread life, enhanced traction, and floatation

TB526S: A radial tire suitable for dump trucks with a wide aggressive tread design for excellent handling, with outstanding traction and lateral adhesion.

TL612: A bias tire suitable for cranes and loaders with a wide tread width for improved mobility and a comfortable ride.

TL558S: A radial tire suitable for lifting equipment with an open pattern tread design for enhanced traction in off-road conditions.

TL510: A bias tire suitable for lifting equipment with a solid centerline section for longer wear and a smoother ride.

TL508: A bias tire suitable for loaders with a tread design optimized for traction in soft soil and open shoulder grooves for less slippage.

These and other heavy equipment tires are available for purchase here on our website. So pick what you need, place your orders, and schedule your most convenient time of installation.

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