Things To Know About Light Truck Tires

Tires vary in size. There are designated tires for small sedan cars, as well as pickup trucks and delivery vans.

Compared to passenger car tires, light truck or LT-metric tires have deeper treads and tougher sidewalls. Their built and design make them compatible for hauling heavy loads and navigating through rough roads. Light truck tires also have better grip and provide better handling when transporting heavy equipment and supplies. This makes light truck tires the best choice for SUVs and trucks, particularly delivery vans.


What are delivery vans?

Delivery vans are often regarded as the ‘King of the Road’ because of their size. These four- or six-wheelers usually carry heavy loads of perishable or non-perishable goods, something impossible to do with a mere passenger car. Delivery vans are essential in logistics and e-commerce businesses since they serve well in hauling and transporting items from one point to the other.


Things to know about light truck tires for your delivery van

Light truck tires are built to work hard. With more service providers offering delivery services to homes and commercial establishments, there are quite a number of delivery vans on the road today. Businesses may deploy different types of delivery vans for their fleet, but here are common things you should know about light truck tires for most delivery vans:


Light truck tires are built to carry heavier loads

We’re reiterating more on how light truck tires are built to carry heavier loads than passenger car tires. There’s a reason why trucks and vans are substantially preferred by fulfillment and shipping companies, rather than passenger vehicles. Traction on light truck tires is a lot firmer, making it easier for delivery vans to get a grip on the road no matter the season or weather condition and the amount of load they are carrying.


Light truck tires are designed to carry both heavy loads and the delivery van’s weight

Light truck tires are designed to carry heavy loads, supplies, and equipment altogether with the vehicle’s weight. With these tires, delivery vans can drive through off-road conditions while still having control over the vehicle and even under heavy loads. In addition, these tires are equipped with more durable materials than those in passenger car tires for better traction.


Light truck tires are generally more expensive

It’s true that light truck tires are generally more expensive than passenger car tires. This is because light truck tires have added materials in the sidewall and under the tread to protect the tires from premature damage under towing and hauling heavy cargo. If budget is an issue for you, you might want to reconsider. Light truck tires guarantee safe and effective transport of heavy goods─whether perishable or not─and it will benefit you, your delivery van, and your business in the long run.

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