Bulldozer Tires: Types of Bulldozers & Their Proper Tires

Make The Best Out of Your Bulldozer By Using The Trusted Brand and The Right Pattern

Finishing construction work involves optimal planning and execution where effective and efficient use of equipment is required. Operating heavy equipment is essential for most projects to handle massive workloads and ensure timely completion, and among the commonly used heavy equipment are bulldozers. They are powerful machines that help dig, excavate, and level materials like soil.

Aside from their ability to move materials like soil and debris, bulldozers also come in different types to suit the specific needs of a construction project. These machines are one of the most versatile construction equipment. However, they won’t be useful if they are not maintained properly.

To ensure you get the best out of your bulldozer, you can start by using the right tires. This blog talks about using a trusted brand and the right tire pattern to use bulldozers in their best condition.


Two main bulldozer types

As mentioned earlier, bulldozers also come in different types for specific construction project requirements. Here are the three main ones:


  • Crawler bulldozer

A crawler bulldozer looks similar to a tractor and is also referred to as a track bulldozer. This type is ideal for maneuvering hard surfaces because it uses tracks to move.


  • Wheel bulldozer

A wheel-type bulldozer is larger than a crawler and more maneuverable. It’s ideal for soft and sensitive ground because tires are gentler than tracks.


Wheel type vs. crawler

Although both types can complete similar tasks with the same excavation and lifting power, they still have their differences. First is the surface on which they work better. Wheel-type bulldozers are great for flat, solid surfaces and are easy to use on the road, while crawler-types are ideal for challenging surfaces such as mud, clay, or sand.

Wheel-type bulldozers use tires that distribute their weight at the four corners of each wheel, running on a smaller axis. This design allows this type of bulldozer to have more mobility and maneuverability. As a result, they can make sharp turns and move around more easily at different points around the construction site.


The benefit of using the right tire pattern from a trusted brand

If you need versatility on your construction site, wheel-type bulldozers are the best choice you have for heavy equipment. Once you acquire them, you need to keep their tires in good condition for them to perform well on the worksite. One thing to keep in mind is that each time you use a bulldozer, its tire treads can begin to lose traction and handling, which are needed to maintain surface contact and maneuver throughout the construction site.

Having tires with the right tire pattern for your bulldozer will boost performance and usability. You will have the best of the capabilities of your bulldozers as you also use them as much as you can before replacing their tires again.

The right tire pattern offers more traction, making it safer to drive bulldoze-type bulldozers. They become easier to maneuver, brake, and maintain ample contact with the ground surface, and their treads wear out slower.

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