The Right Choice of Tires For Trucks Used in Construction

The Right Choice of Tires For Trucks Used in Construction

The construction process can be a long and difficult one. Thus, tools and machinery that can weather this long and difficult process are necessary for any construction project. As trucks are an integral part of the machinery required in construction, they must be in tip-top shape to do what is required. Therefore, each part and component must be in excellent, or at least decent, working condition – their tires especially. Full-sized trucks and their drivers require more from their rig tires than the average vehicle and driver. Trucks used in construction should demonstrate the ability to carry and pull heavy loads, show efficiency in traveling along unpaved roads, and have outstanding tire durability. Longer tread life is also expected from tires used for trucks used in construction. Properly maintaining such trucks saves a lot of money for construction companies. So, what can a company or entity do to keep their construction trucks from wasting money? Well, knowing more about tire tread patterns is a good start. This post will highlight the right tires to utilize for trucks used in construction and their tread pattern or patterns.


The right tires and tread patterns for construction trucks

Generally, tires should not be with a truck for more than six years (in the United States, at least). Moreover, some experts recommend replacing truck tires or construction truck tires, with mileage as a reference, every 25,000 to 75,000 miles. The weight of loads, acceleration, braking, terrain, and weather conditions will factor in how long before a tire change is needed. Tire replacement is essential for everyone’s safety, even if only part of a tire is compromised. 

With that being said, the kind of tread patterns your truck tires have is also a key factor in tire replacement because they determine how well the tires will weather the years. There are different tire types and tread patterns for different needs and requirements. For example, some patterns help trucks with stability. So for whatever working requirements you may need for a truck used in construction, there are tires and tread patterns designed for them all.

Although there is no perfect construction truck tire out in the market, there will always be a workable middle ground of choices. There will be tires out there that will work for your construction truck or trucks. Unfortunately, you can’t have it all when it comes to tires, but with shops like Triangle Tires around, you surely won’t lack access to quality tire choices and tire expertise. Examples of the right Triangle Tires for your construction trucks are as follows:


  • TR668 – features three zigzagging main grooves in its design, which provides good adaptability and resilience to most road conditions
  • TR691 – features a big block tread pattern with reinforced ribs, which provides cut and puncture resistance
  • TR685 – demonstrates low heat buildup and excellent wear resistance


Remember that all-terrain truck tires generally have wider grooves, deeper tread depth, and larger block patterns than other truck tires. These features help with tire traction when traversing unpaved surfaces or driving off-road. Such truck tires are the type used in the process of construction. They are generally made with compounds made to be resilient to chipping and tearing from rough terrain and regular hauling while still offering on-road wear and traction characteristics desired by drivers. 

Choosing tires for trucks used in construction can be simple. All you have to do is do your research, search for a tire that meets your requirements and specifications, and buy them. However, it can be a different story without proper guidance and due diligence. So, drop by Triangle Tires via the website or shop for all of your tire wants, needs, and queries!

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