Dump Truck Tires: Which To Use For Each Surface Type

Construction vehicles such as dump trucks are exposed to many harmful things due to frequent operation. They carry heavy loads and are driven off-road most of the time, both of which cause heavy damage. That’s why it’s necessary to equip them with the right tires to prevent downtime and reduce repair and replacement costs.

Using the right tires helps dump trucks operate seamlessly throughout a project’s duration. It gives drivers security to go anywhere without worrying too much about the risks of friction on the surface they will drive on.

Having that sense of security comes down to knowing which tires are suited for the surfaces your dump trucks frequently drive on. You can learn all about the dump truck tires you should use for different surfaces in this blog.


Rib tread patterned tires “Miller”

Tire treads determine which tires are suitable for the surface dump trucks frequently drive on because they provide the traction needed to stay in contact with the surface. Tires with a ribbed tread design provide the most traction on dry surfaces, making them great for highways. They can endure high speeds, have the highest tread resistance, and handle extreme loads.


Lug tread patterned tires “Mining Lug”

The lug tire tread design is suitable for dirt roads. Lug tread patterned tires have improved ability abrasion and cut resistance. Because of that, they are the best choice for dump trucks that frequent construction sites or terrains requiring low-speed stability and provide the best grip when under braking and during acceleration.


Mix lug tread patterned tires “mix type”

This tire tread design aims to have both rib and lug tread design characteristics in one wheel. Tires with this mixed tread pattern are suitable for dirt and paved roads at mid to low speeds. In addition, they have excellent high-speed stability, directional control, and increased acceleration and stopping power best for your dump trucks that frequent paved and unpaved roads. 


Block tread patterned tires “mix drive”

Block tread patterned tires are suitable for wet paved roads. Their tread design is made for water dispersal and improves truck handling and stability under wet conditions when driving on paved roads. In dry conditions, this tread pattern will give you increased stopping power and better overall driving performance.

Ensuring that your dump trucks are equipped with the right tires for the different surfaces they frequently drive on will lower operating costs because you can use them longer. So be sure to look at the tire tread patterns when choosing dump truck tires. You can check out our product catalog to start shopping for them.

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