Knowing The Importance Of A Proper Truck Tire Maintenance

We all know that the Olympic season has just ended. And pretty much, most Filipinos are still at an all-time high because of Hidilyn Diaz bringing home our first Olympic gold medal for heavy weightlifting.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about trucks.

Did you know that aside from humans, cars also have heavy weightlifters? That’s right, trucks are considered the heavy weightlifters when it comes to automobiles. Heavy equipment trucks are made to haul and carry heavy loads and cargo. Other times, pickup trucks and vans are also meant for adventure trails and long, muddy road trips.

Truck tires are the first ones to come in contact with the road, while at the same time carry heavy load, so it’s only crucial that you know the importance of proper truck tire maintenance.

What is the importance of proper truck tire maintenance?

Construction and any other type of industrial activity would not be possible without trucks. Just imagine carrying hundreds and thousands of kilos or packages and other heavy equipment with just your sedan car or SUV.

Many truck drivers take routine checks for granted and forget to think about how crucial proper tire maintenance is to their safety. Truth is, without a good set of tires for heavy loads, you’re prone to tire blowouts, skidding, slipping, and a whole lot of other problems that can cause road accidents. Having a regular tire maintenance routine can minimize the risks of a tragic blowout. So next time you perform a car maintenance check, make sure you include a thorough examination of your tires by completing a routine tire maintenance checklist.

Tips for tire safety

Now on to the part where we discuss a few tips for truck tire safety. Before hitting the road, every driver should do a pre-trip inspection to ensure that no tire-related issues are bound to happen while you’re driving.

Here we’ve indicated a routine tire maintenance checklist for every truck driver’s safety:

Check your tire pressure

Why it’s important: Tires work best when they are inflated at a proper level. Over- and under-inflated tires have poor performance and can lead to blowouts. Driving on tires with the wrong air pressure can cause the driver to have less control over the vehicle, irregular tread wear, and tire stress. For your reference, here’s what an under-inflated, over-inflated, and properly inflated tire look like:

The consequence of not doing it: Blowouts, accidents, and going way over the budget! Replacing your tires sooner than you think can cost you a lot more as compared to getting a tire pressure gauge in the first place.

Avoid mixing tires

Why it’s important: It’s a universal rule not to mix tires on any vehicle. Mixing all-season, dry-season, wet-season, and terrain tires can pose problems due to tread and size variations.

The consequence of mixing tires: Different tread patterns become particularly dangerous under wet, rocky, and muddy road conditions. Truck tires may slip or hydroplane, causing serious accidents.

Inspect the sidewalls before every trip

Why it’s important: You can never tell whether or not a tire is at its peak condition when you simply stare at it. Make it a habit to visually and thoroughly inspect your tires’ sidewalls before hitting the road to ensure that there are no gouges or signs of wear and tear.

The consequence of not doing it: Tire blowouts while driving, early tire replacement, road accidents, and many more.

Best truck tires

While we’re at it, here’s a list of some of the best truck tires that serve varying purposes:

Light Truck Tires

These tires are built for heavy vehicles carrying heavy loads through harsh roads.


  • Outstanding performance with great comfort
  • Low rolling resistance compound design
  • Variable angle design of groove bottom prevents stone retention providing longer service mileage
  • Zigzag sipe design improving wet skid resistance and tire noise reduction


  • Outstanding performance with great comfort
  • Three zigzag main grooves design-providing good adaptability to most road conditions
  • Low tire temperature and tire noise
  • Designed for all wheel positions of short and medium distance trucks on mixed road conditions


  • Outstanding performance with great comfort
  • Good lateral traction and wet skid resistance
  • High loading capacity and good high-speed performance
  • Designed for driving axle of heavy-duty trucks

Truck Bus Tires

Truck bus tires are made for handling long hours of travel on any surface and conditions.


  • Next-generation premium mixed service drive position tire
  • Deep tread pattern design providing longer service mileage
  • Embedded Z sipe design providing good stability, traction, braking performance, and water drainage
  • Designed for driving axle for trucks in highway conditions


  • Deep tread pattern design providing longer service mileage
  • Big block pattern with reinforced ribs providing cut and puncture resistance
  • Interlaced deep groove pattern for good traction and brake performance
  • Designed for driving axle of trucks and trailers on highways and off-road conditions


  • Low heat build up and excellent wear resistance
  • Straight groove design- good water drainage, uniform wear, comfortable ride
  • Low rolling resistance and fuel consumption
  • Designed for steering axle of trucks on highways

Heavy Equipment Tires

Heavy construction trucks often operate on dry and muddy terrains, and their tires should be tailored to adapt to those conditions to perform tasks with ease.


  • Wide tread width improves mobility and offers a more comfortable ride
  • Unique compound to improve overall treadwear and cost per hour
  • Tough construction for enhanced impact resistance


  • Open pattern tread design for enhanced traction in off-road conditions
  • Unique compound to improve overall treadwear and cost per hour
  • Tough bias construction for improved impact and cut resistance


  • All-purpose tread design for a balance of traction and even wear
  • Unique compound for enhanced performance on multiple surfaces
  • Tough construction for robust support in all wheel positions

Truck tires are indeed the backbone of light trucks, truck buses, and heavy equipment vehicles. Check out our catalog for a variety of some of the best truck tires!

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