8 Tips for Finding a Reliable Auto Repair Shop Nearest You

Many depend on cars to reach their destination, whether at the office, school, the mall, or home. Unfortunately, like any other machine, cars experience mechanical issues over time from repeated use, so they must undergo regular checkups and service to get them back in tip-top condition.

However, even with routine car care and maintenance, there’s always a slight possibility that one of your car’s components could break and require service.

Usually, a trip to a casa is the default choice for budget-conscious car owners, but what if they don’t offer the services your car requires? That’s where auto repair shops come in. You only need to find the right one that provides quality, affordable work in a convenient location.


How to Find Reliable Auto Repair Shops: 8 Tips

Here are eight tips to speed up your search for the nearest auto repair shops:


1. Look for reviews on social media

Not all auto repair shops are trustworthy and provide the same quality of care. You can’t afford to settle for subpar servicing, so you must conduct thorough research before bringing your car to an auto repair shop. Thanks to the widened availability of social media platforms, such as Facebook and others, you have greater access to customer reviews on auto repair shop pages.

When looking for credible auto repair shops, carefully assess the details of each page you check. Weigh the positive and negative customer reviews on their services. Check if they have branches near your home or office and what services are available in their shop. Most importantly, see if the prices of their services are reasonable and within your budget.


2. Search online directories

Online directories are a good start if you’re unfamiliar with auto repair shops. As you review the list of shops, check if those listed auto repair shops have verified phone numbers, emails, and websites. Finally, go through their photos and selection of services offered. Keeping an eye out for these details can help narrow your car servicing options.

Close-up of auto mechanic exchanging contact info with a customer after a successful repair job.


3. Ask around for referrals

Apart from social media platforms, websites, and other digital spaces, try asking your friends or family members for referrals. Get their opinions on which auto repair shops offer reliable services. Explain to them the mechanical problems your vehicle is currently experiencing and their severity.

Who knows? You might be fortunate enough to find a relative or friend specializing in car repairs who can give you a discounted fee.


4. Try out smaller repairs first

Assuming that your car only needs regular servicing, consider going to a small auto repair shop first and avail of basic maintenance, such as brake pad replacement, oil and filter changes, transmission fluid change, and the like.

Based on their initial work, you can gauge the mechanic’s knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail. And in the unfortunate case that they deliver poor quality work, at least your costs are minimal, and you can look for a better auto repair shop.

Auto mechanic shrugging his shoulders while listening to an angry customer.


5. Consider the mechanic’s experience and honesty

Expensive services don’t always translate to excellent quality. On the contrary, they might be useless if the mechanics display insufficient knowledge and poor professionalism.

Always seek out mechanics highly knowledgeable in car repairs and maintenance. Try to ask them about their professional experience, the types of vehicles they’ve worked on, and previous work. It may seem a lot to ask mechanics about their experience and background, but it’s better than risking your car’s safety by entrusting it to those that don’t know what they’re doing.

Ideally, the car repair personnel you find proactively provide updates on your car’s repair status.


6. Compare prices for parts and labor

Before calling an auto repair shop to book your car for repair, look at the prices of its parts and services. Decide for yourself whether their costs are worth paying for.

On average, minor maintenance repairs cost around P2,000 to P5,000, plus the cost of parts. You can use that as a baseline to compare prices from different shops.

Of course, cheaper doesn’t always mean better, so set aside ample time to compare their car parts and service labor in terms of quality and price. The last thing you want is to spend money on mediocre servicing and inauthentic car parts.


7. Check for DTI accreditation

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) protects consumer rights and interests and ensures that businesses have the necessary permits to operate.

As you research auto repair shops to visit, look for ones with DTI accreditation. Auto repair shops with this type of accreditation are secure, trusted, and legitimate business establishments.

Meanwhile, auto repair shops with no accreditation may be illegitimate, and the chances of getting scammed by mechanics are high.


8. Look for well-kept service facilities

Well-kept facilities reflect the work standards of a car repair shop’s mechanics and other staff members. They also indicate that the employees don’t just respect the cars under their care but also their workspace.

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