How to Prep Your Car for a Road Trip This Holiday

The holiday season is here again. For most, it’s the perfect time to put together vacation plans to escape the stresses of everyday life.

If you’re going out of town, you must consider a few things to ensure safety and avoid any inconvenience on the road. You want your vehicle to be capable of handling the excursion.


How to Prep Your Car for a Road Trip This Holiday

Before heading off to your holiday destination, it’s worth performing general checks for a hassle-free road trip. To help you remember all the critical things to check, you can use the acronym “BLOWBAGETS,” which stands for:

  • Brakes
  • Light
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Battery
  • Air
  • Gas
  • Engine
  • Tires
  • Self

Indeed, all these things matter to guarantee your safety while driving. However, your tires may need extra attention since they carry most of the vehicle’s weight. Tires in prime condition maximize fuel performance and prevent any inconvenience during the holidays.

The following are things you can do to prep your tires for a long holiday road trip.


1. Inflate (or deflate) your tires to the right pressure

Proper tire pressure is vital in preventing accelerated wear and tear, which can lead to costly tire replacements. Both deflated and overinflated tires can cause vehicles to handle poorly, compromising the tire’s tread wear and leading to a more uncomfortable and bumpy ride—not a welcome scenario for long road trips.

A note to remember, especially if you’re planning a trip to Baguio or any other city with a colder climate: Sudden temperature changes are the main reason for deflated tires. This factor can be dangerous if left unattended for an extended period, so conduct the necessary tire pressure and weather checks.


2. Have your tires rotated

Tire rotation is the periodic changing of your wheels’ position so that all tires get even wear. Good tire rotation helps extend tire life, avoid uneven tread wear, and boost fuel efficiency. These conditions matter a lot, especially if you’re going on extended road trips from the city to the provinces.


3. Use the piso test to check your tire treads

The “piso” test is an easy way to check your tire treads when you don’t have the proper tools, like a tread depth gauge. You only need a one-peso coin and a little elbow grease to do this.

Measuring tire depth using a small coin, a.k.a. piso test.

Begin by placing the coin upside down into the first layer of your tread groove. Once placed inside, examine which part of the coin is showing. If you can see the top of José Rizal’s head, your tire’s tread is shallow. Do this a few more times in each tire groove; if the top of the head is still showing, it’s a sign to replace your tires.


4. Make sure your tires are balanced and aligned

Tire balance and alignment are vital aspects of proper tire maintenance that you must check before going on an extended holiday vacation. Tire balancing refers to correcting uneven weight distribution, while tire alignment is adjusting your car’s suspension, not the wheels or tires themselves.

The proper balancing and alignment of your car tires are crucial to minimizing vibrations, preventing your car from leaning toward one direction, and serving an overall smooth road trip.


5. Check vehicle fluids

Various vehicle fluids are necessary to keep your car in top running condition. Aside from motor oil—the lifeblood of any car engine—there are also coolants, transmission, power steering, and brake fluids.

Without these solutions, major components of your car may deteriorate and eventually break down, which could spell disaster during road trips. Ensure these things are in hand, or have an expert check them when you go for a tune-up before or during your holiday getaway.


6. Clean the inside of your car

A clean vehicle is not only for the aesthetic and a better driving experience, but it can also help your gas mileage. Studies state that weight affects fuel consumption. That is, heavier vehicles experience greater rolling resistance and inertia, meaning they require more energy and increase gas usage.

Closeup of a junk inside a car.

If you’ve ever wondered why your vehicle is exhausting so much gas compared to other times, there’s a good chance it may be carrying heavy cargo. Do yourself and your wallet a favor by throwing away the junk inside your car.


The Perfect Holiday Getaway

The holidays are the perfect time to relax and finally go on that long-awaited getaway. However, before anything else, you must ensure that you get to your destination safely by preparing your car for a road trip.

Tires may differ in shape, size, or purpose, but all types need the utmost care to ensure they work properly and don’t derail your plans. Refer to this checklist as you plan your much-awaited road trip this holiday season!

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