The Different Types of Trucks Used in the Implementation of the Build Build Build Program of the Philippine Government

The Different Types of Trucks Used in the Implementation of the Build Build Build Program of the Philippine Government

Under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine government launched the “Build Build Build” program, the flagship infrastructure program centered on creating more and better infrastructure to improve our economy. It aims to sustain inclusive economic growth and generate new jobs by improving the quality of life in both rural and urban communities. Many moving parts are needed to complete all the projects in this program, including construction vehicles used to build them.


Construction vehicles are essential for the completion of any large-scale construction project. They assist in performing most heavy tasks that will take workers longer to accomplish without them or can’t do at all.


Each construction vehicle is designed to perform specific tasks efficiently, and with proper usage, quickens the pace of project completion. They should also be maintained to keep them functional and reduce operational hazards. This blog talks about the vehicles and types of trucks used for the “Build Build Build” program, including the importance of tire replacement for maintaining them.


Bulldozers are the most powerful among all types of construction vehicles; that’s why they’re also considered the most reliable. Its distinctive component, the metal blade, is powerful enough to drive large quantities of sand, soil, and debris.


They’re used to clear construction sites of obstacles. Besides that, they can also be employed to dig trenches, perform agricultural tasks, and participate in military activities.

Front loader

Front loaders are similar to bulldozers, except they’re further from the ground and have larger wheels, which makes them suitable for extremely rough terrains. They also have a wide square bucket attached to a moveable arm used to move materials around.


They’re used for transporting building materials such as digging tools, pipes, metal bars, and bricks. In addition, they’re also used to sweep loose materials from the ground to remove obstructions on construction sites.

Dump truck

Dump trucks are primarily used for dumping debris away from construction sites and bringing additional materials to them. They come in different types, which include the following:


Standard dump truck


Standard dump trucks are the most commonly used for construction projects. They possess great maneuverability but aren’t suited for driving on soft soil.


Side dump truck


Side dump trucks are the fastest in terms of unloading debris. They have a side tilt which lowers the risk of tipping over when dumping cargo. Because of their length, they’re mostly preferred on spacious sites where they can be maneuvered easily.


Transfer dump truck


Transfer dump trucks are pulled by a separate trailer with a movable cargo container. This setup boosts their load capacity without affecting maneuverability.


Off-road dump truck


Off-road dump trucks are larger and are used for mining operations to haul heavy  aggregate amounts. They’re also the most ideal for off-road purposes.

Mixer truck

Mixer trucks consist of a mounted revolving drum that mixes components to form concrete. It combines cement, sand or gravel, and water uniformly.


They’re usually used for large construction projects where a higher volume of concrete is required. For smaller ones that require less concrete, portable concrete mixers are utilized.


Backhoes are also construction vehicles used to move debris around. They can travel to rough terrains and are used to clean construction sites.


Besides cleaning, they’re also used to dig ditches for laying foundations, pipes, and cables. They’re also used for patting down loose soil.


Compactors provide adequate soil compaction on construction sites to prevent erosion that leads to structural failure. They come in different types, including the baler-wrapper compactor, trash compactor, and vibrating plate compactor.


Cranes help lift and lower heavy loads beyond human capability. Besides that, they also move materials horizontally.


They can be either mobile or static. Mobile cranes have large wheels for stability and support while raising and holding heavy loads, while static tower cranes are commonly used for constructing tall buildings.

The importance of replacing truck tires for construction purposes

The regular use of trucks for construction can cause harm to the tires if they’re not maintained properly. One of their essential parts that may deteriorate due to constant use is their tires.


That’s why they need to be replaced once you see they’ve sustained heavy damage from constant work. It’s important to do so for a couple of reasons; first, to prevent any accidents while driving them. Damaged tires can cause damage to areas of the construction site or, worse, injure workers due to compromised grip that resulted from worn-down treads.


Next is to avoid downtime. Since damaged tires are hazardous, workers can’t rely on them to drive trucks safely, delaying work. Construction projects have turnaround times to meet, and replacing worn-out tires will ensure that tasks are completed according to schedule.


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