5 Common Types of Delivery Trucks in the Philippines

The demand for logistics and trucking companies is on the rise as the pandemic recedes. A report by Ken Research projects that this growth will come from government spending on infrastructure and the continued dominance of the eCommerce sector.

As the industry grows, so does the need for delivery trucks that can fulfill the needs of businesses of all types and sizes. To help you select the right truck for your business needs, here are the common types of delivery trucks in the Philippines and the factors you should consider when choosing.


5 Common Types of Delivery Trucks in the Philippines

Depending on the cargo your business handles, there are various types of trucks for delivery that can help with your operations.


1. Utility van

The classic utility van is the most used delivery vehicle in Metro Manila. These vehicles are small enough to fit on the tight roads of the city while still having a decent amount of storage space. Additionally, the storage space of the utility van can easily convert into seating, allowing for the transport of many passengers.

A typical Cebuano Multicab jeepney. A Suzuki Carry model utilized as a passenger vehicle.

The utility van is a convenient and flexible choice for metropolitan areas, and it would be best to equip it with the right tires to maximize its usefulness. Deliveries in a city mean braking often and making sharp turns, so a high-durability, all-purpose tire like the TR258 is a must to get the job done.


2. Pickup truck

The pickup truck is an open-carriage vehicle that is good for transporting cargo less susceptible to weather damage. This type can still easily fit in metropolitan areas but also has the durability to go off-road.

Considering the ability to go both on and off-roading with this vehicle, an all-terrain tire like the TR292 will best emphasize the strengths of your pickup truck.

Maroon pickup truck with loading trunk full of small and larger Virgin Mary statues in street surrounded by traffic.


3. Dump truck

Like the older brother of the pickup truck, a dump truck is a large vehicle specializing in transporting cargo that can take a beating. Things like sand or other construction materials that don’t require the usual packaging are perfect for a dump truck. Most trucks used for waste collection are also dump trucks.

Isuzu dump truck.

Heavier vehicles require more durable, larger tires since they typically go over dirt roads like those in mining or construction sites. The TR681E is designed specifically for dump trucks in off-road conditions.


4. Box truck

The box truck is a closed vehicle that can come in various sizes. Depending on the truck’s size, they can fit anything from a few crates to multiple cars.

Compact light box truck Isuzu N-Series NKR (Elf).

The correct tire depends on the size of your box truck. For smaller sizes that drive on city roads and highways, the TR656 is a good fit.


5. Wing van or truck

Like box trucks, wing vans and trucks come in a wide variety of sizes. The difference is that box trucks have their cargo door at the back or on one side, while wing vans have doors on both sides that fold upwards like a wing. The easier access provided by this feature is perfect for long and unwieldy packages that require careful handling during loading and unloading.

Forland delivery wing van truck.

A broader and more durable tire is better for the largest vehicle sizes. The TR695 is excellent for city conditions and has tread with a good grip, preventing damage to cargo.


How to Choose the Right Type of Delivery Truck for Your Business

Choosing the right truck for your business is vital for ensuring smooth operations and deliveries.


1. Pick the right size

Even if you can afford the biggest, most expensive trucks, they aren’t always the best option, especially in urban cities and metropolitan areas in the Philippines that tend to have tight roads. In fact, Metro Manila is the eighth most traffic-congested city in the world, costing the country around P3.5 billion a day in economic losses.

Instead, choose the smallest truck that can fit your products. Smaller trucks have access to more roads than their larger counterparts, so finding the best balance between size and cargo capacity for your business can help you maximize road maneuverability and improve your business’s profitability.


2. Consider the parts availability

Let’s say you found the perfect truck in a different country. You ship the trucks over and construct your fleet, and your business grows due to their efficiency. However, due to inevitable wear and tear, you need to find replacement parts, but you can’t. None of the local services offer compatible parts for imported vehicles. This issue causes a halt in operations.

What can you do to avoid this scenario? It would be best to opt for a delivery truck with replacement parts widely available in the local market since all parts require replacing eventually.


3. Know your area of operations

Different trucks specialize in various road and weather conditions. For example, heavy-duty trucks can handle rougher roads and more inclement weather. This factor also includes the kind of tires you equip your vehicles with.

Choosing the right vehicle and tire can prevent future issues and reduce long-term and short-term operating costs. Consider your vehicles and tires as investments that can bring you many benefits.


4. Check the warranty

A warranty policy can help reduce unforeseen operating costs involving the truck and its engine and tires. You should prioritize parts and vehicles that offer warranties in case anything arises. For example, Triangle Tires provides a three-year warranty with broad coverage for our tires.


Delivering Better Service

Building your logistics fleet with the right delivery vehicle is crucial to take advantage of the returning demand for consumer goods. Consider these tips when choosing to help your business grow!

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